I've been a licensed architect in Texas since 1989 and I got my first job in an architect's office in Corpus Christi in the summer of 1980. All my life I've enjoyed drawing, making art and building things in the garage.....so my career suits me well! As a boy one of my hobbies was assembling model airplanes - - an activity that gave me an appreciation for thorough, well-written instructions. I've carried this respect into my practice today, producing comprehensive and detailed sets of drawings for my clients.

I use a team approach to design - - you and I are the team. I will work closely with you from the beginning. Together we will identify your needs and wishes. Together we'll consider ideas, evaluate options, and review my drawings. You will help me fine-tune the design as we go along. I am diligent in my efforts to make homes attractive and durable while also being functional, energy efficient, comfortable and well-proportioned.


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